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Project GROW
  • Goals - What do I want?
  • Reality - How does it look now?
  • Options - What are my options?
  • Will - What will I do?
For 3 years now, project GROW helps the young from Children’s homes and foster care.

This project is supported by Mum and Dad Foundation and is intended for young people who live in foster families. This project connects coaching methods and sport outdoor activities.

Through these methods they can determine their goals and answer the questions “How does it look now?”, “What are my options?” and “What will I do?”

The project helps young people to enjoy their development - to get healthy self-confidence, optimistic approach to life, responsibility for one’s decision, simply to be oneself, and to use new skills.

The project helps the young to solve their tasks successfully, contributes to mental and physical relaxation, and teaches them to control their emotions.

We have prepared a new run for 2013.

23.5.2013 meeting with american psychologist and therapist Bret Stephenson in Prague
Here is the list of all the weekends in 2012:

8. - 10. June in Harrachov with a Czech Republic snowboardcross representative Michal Novotny
and the asportscaster for the Czech television Jiri RejmanFonr Sportovců

27. June, shooting a document with Australian director Dan Balcaban

10. - 12. August, Jesenice near Rakovnik with a visit to the stables of Josef Vana

21. - 23. September, Prague with a Seven Days Agency sport program

In 2011, nineteen young people from all over the Czech Republic have successfully finished a four weekends training run.
Project supervisor:
PhDr. Miloslav Kotek - psychologist
The director of educational and consulting institute TRIALOG, o.s., providing the consulting in psychology for adoptive and foster families and preparing future foster parents.

Personality trait development:
Jana Klementová – psychologist, coach
Professional athletes will be participating in sport activities.

Project realizer is the Brány života o.p.s. - NGO.

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