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From our „growies“:

Grow 2012 - Harrachov 8 -10 June, Jesenice u Rakovníka 10 -12 August, Prague 21 – 23 September

The GROW project showed me that I must look upon the world with open eyes and not to see everything as black as it may seem at the beginning.

The Project gave me a lot especially at being responsible. I’ve also understood what the grow means. I’ve realized some important things and build my confidence. I’ve gained some life experience and I am taking your advices seriously.

It gave me a lot and I’d like to go again.

I just think that it is right to think about the life that way and it is right to define your aims and plan your goals. :)

I’ve definitely had some fun and relax. I’ve also made some things clear and I’ve overcome my fears.

Prague 27.5. – 29.5.

All those activities and weekends were perfect. I’d like to meet those great people again.

You know, first when I was supposed to go I told myself that it will probably be boring. But on the contrary! After the first weekend I wanted more and more, it’s like a drug. Thank you all I miss you very much.

I am really glad to be part of these events. Thank you very much it was all the unforgettable moments. I’ve met plenty of new and nice people who accepted me.

Vrchlabí 4 – 6 February 2011

… I have met people who do care… who care for others, respect their opinions and pay attention to them… I’ve met people who didn’t know where they had been going or what will there be… but this is exactly us… you and me! Children who first ignored each other but then something‘s changed… they began to coach us… the best coaches, by the way… we’ve begun to listen to each other… and suddenly we‘ve started to care for each other… this is the FAMILY! And I’m not kidding!!!!

It was soooo awesome thank you all :-))

There are some people, close whom we survive, around whom we walk by and we don’t give a crap. But there are also people who will be terribly missed once we’ve met them for only two days…thank you…I’m looking forward to April… and not just to have fun on my own but to have fun with all of you.

The word „great“ is just not enough… it was all… brilliantly awesome :D Thank you so much it was really funny and nice weekend…full of activities :)

Luční bouda 1 April – 3 April 2011

I want to go back!

… all of us do.

Me too!

Me too, it was really great.

I would like to go back and freeze the time….

The weekend was interesting… especially the summer bobsleigh... :)
I must thank you all … although I didn’t like everything...
But that is your concern… :P Otherwise, it was amazing… :)

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